Here's what I'm working on:
1. The sequel (Book 2) to Secrets of the King's Daughter has been accepted for e-book publication by my publisher and should get on their 2017 schedule. The story of Princess Karlinah continues into the next phase of her life. She learns to survive life's struggles and endeavors to become a mother worthy of God's blessings for her family. The book begins with a surprise character from the previous story, but can be read as a stand alone.
2. The third and final book in the "Karlinah series" is a companion book to the other two and in the revisions stage. With the working title "Samuel's Sword", it will be mostly told from the point of view of Karlinah's son, Samuel. He will find both love and war in his story.
3. Missionary Stories (working title), an inspirational narrative non-fiction, is ready for a final edit and self-publishing road whenever I am ready. Tough and tender stories sharing the realities of missionary life are featured.
4. Bishop's Stories (working title), another inspirational non-fiction, is mostly finished but currently on hold.
5. My critique group and I began a joint-project of four LDS romance novellas in one book. Mine is the first. We are currently critiquing the final novella.
Whew! That's enough for now, don't you think?

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