Sunday, October 17, 2010

Book Review: Dead On Arrival

In my last post where I mentioned sitting next to Jeff Savage at dinner, I told him I was half-way through reading one of his books, Dead On Arrival. It was a happy coincidence and kind of bizarre. I found Jeff to be a personable author, hardly getting in a mouthful of food here and there for the attentive conversation with his neighbors. Thus, this week's post will be a short review of his middle Shandra Covington mystery--no spoilers.
 Jeffrey S. Savage has mastered the hook, and I'm not talking boxing. Each short chapter-ending hooked me to turn the page. It was noticeable right off and continued throughout the book. Sometimes this was achieved by splitting the scene in two at a critical or exciting point. Savage also has a quick way of warming the reader to his likeable main character. This is especially necessary in a series. I enjoyed Shandra's character traits from her curiosity that gets her into interesting situations to her quirky eating habits. I also enjoyed Savage's portrayal of a minor love interest that is mutually agreed upon by the involved characters to not become a love interest. (Read the book and you'll understand.) A character exclusive to this story, Pinky Templeton, is just odd enough to be slightly annoying, yet commands the reader's attention because of it. The intriguing twists about him kept me guessing.
The thing I hadn't expected was the abrupt ending where the story continues with A Time To Die. Fortunately it is currently available. But I must admit, I don't like it when I have to wait a while to find out what happens. A profitable technique--Look what it's done for The Hunger Games. What's your opinion on cliffhanger endings?


Gail said...

I really hate them. I spend the entire year thinking about what could have happened and then when the next book finally comes out. It is nothing like I thought and I feel disappointed.

kbrebes said...

It depends, Renae. Sometimes if the book is fantasy or adventure, then I feel satisfied. But other times, especially when it's a love story, my heart just can't take it!