Thursday, November 18, 2010

Contests and Other Gimmicks

Contest. The word leaps with excitement for many bloggers, especially if there is a book or chocolate to be won. It's a gimmick, really. But an effective one. We all want more followers. I've been bummed lately about my November subscribers, but I've been too busy to recruit. Something must be done.
Hmm. I'm going to have to start a contest. I need more followers--Help! My first month, I gained more than a follower a day, on average. But November--not so hot. Of course I've had some interruptions in my life that kept me from posting and checking other blogs very often. That makes a difference. I hope to be more regular again now. And I will dream up a contest before the year is over. Please check back.
I Just learned about another contest that you might want to know about and I will pass them along from time to time. Nichole Giles is giving away a signed copy of LEVIATHAN by Scott Westerfeld, so give it a look. I did and it's easy to enter.  

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Maria Hoagland said...

As I'm new to this whole blog thing, I'm having difficulty with the whole contest bit, too. I have yet to buy into it, but until then, I will check out everyone's blog and see how they deal with all of that. Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog. It's great to see yours, too!