Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Book Review: The Peasant Queen

I was impressed with the concise writing in Cheri Chesley's YA Adventure/Romance, The Peasant Queen. The description on the back cover that it "delights readers of all ages" was true for me. Meant for teens, tweens can understand and enjoy the book. Happily, the writing was not "dumbed down" for adult readers, but the plot left me with a question or two: Though a magnificent main character, how is it that a peasant farm girl of a faraway land was chosen as the object of spying through a sphere in the first place?

The fact that Krystal is beautiful is the first thing that draws men to her, poor girl. Even so, she is a likable character worthy of emulation. She is a hard-working go-getter who knows what she wants, skilled with a sword, gentle with animals, charming, humble, and determined. Her only character flaw seems to be her weak stomach. I loved getting inside Krystal's head and Chesley had me liking her from page one.

View Cheri1200...jpg in slide showI liked that there was a map. I liked my uncertainty about the villain at first and his volatile actions throughout. It had everything from swordfights to kissing without drowning in unbelievable fantasy. It was a good mix and a fun read. I personally would have liked a stronger historical element with enough details to pin down the era to a certain century, but that would make it more adult. I would recommend this book to readers of adventure and romance. 

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Debbie Davis said...

Renae, great review! I felt the same way when I read the book!

Jamie - I'm a guy, btw said...

Wow, very nice review. Thanks for pointing out some good and bad about the book...I always like when reviewers keep it "real"!