Monday, March 5, 2012

"A Woman's Power" Book Review

  Fay Klingler’s goal in The Power of a Woman, Threads that Bind us to God, as I see it, is to give hope and threads of strength that will “sustain us until help arrives and/or our situation changes”. She tells about eight threads that form “a simple, proven pattern for success”. When these threads bind together into a rope, it is obviously stronger. Applying this to a woman’s life is what this inspirational non-fiction is all about. If you are a woman looking for such helpful, uplifting messages, this book is for you. It would make a great gift.
  The Power of a Woman is like a manual of advice to savor. Don’t read it fast like I did (in three sittings). I believe the reader will glean more from its pages if she will stop at one chapter per day (or week). Take time to ponder, maybe even implement a goal before reading the next thread. Otherwise, the narrative sometimes leaves an overkill-of-the-message feeling. I loved all the story examples, however.
  I was pleasantly surprised by some specific helps, such as the safety list in the Awareness chapter and the breakdown of goal writing steps. I also noticed places where she used different levels of spirituality to reach a multiplicity of women.
  The target market is LDS women, but any woman who doesn’t mind reading a few Book of Mormon references would enjoy some or all of this book. I especially enjoyed the stories and it gave me some good insights for my inspiriational WIP, Bishop Stories.
  You can visit the author's website at or view her book trailer here.
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