Monday, June 23, 2014

Non-Writing Productivity (AKA Fun Marketing)

I've been dreaming up things I can do once I'm ready to publicize my book--contests or posts to get the word out.
I thought it would be nice to have some swag on hand, so I started making faux-leather bookmarks with 'Mayan' designs on them since the setting of the book is Meso-America. The opposite side will include my web address (once I get that running). These can be freebies at a book signing or launch party. I had most of the materials and did this listening to audio books or TV. Not a bad investment. It made for a nice break from writing and still felt productive.

I have the rare opportunity next week to see a niece with beautiful, long black hair like my MC.
In my story, the Lamanite king's daughter, Karlinah, uses her engraved clay beads to decorate her cloth hair ties. These play an important clue later in the novel. I thought how fun it would be to take some photos of the beaded cloth ties with my niece as the model. How do you like them?

I also dug out my Mayan designed table cloth that I got at the Teotihaucan ruins in Mexico. It will be the perfect display table tablecloth. I've also tried some recipes using black beans--one of the foods mentioned in my book. I can use those in various ways. It's fun to anticipate the birth of my baby.

What ideas have you seen or used at special book events?

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