Monday, July 21, 2014

Book Review - Marketing

While preparing for last week's marketing post from a panel of authors, I read Tim Grahl's Your First 1000 Copies: The step-by-step guide to marketing your book. This was a good combination for getting me in the marketing mode. Yes, marketing starts before the first book comes out.

About the book: Grahl has a marketing system he calls The Connection System. Having a system gives you confidence, saves time, and lets you be creative. His focuses include: Connections, Permission, Outreach, Sell, and Track. These are described on his website

This book gave me some great ideas that we first-time authors can implement. The only thing I wished for was more ideas on fiction authors giving readers content they want in a newsletter. He seemed to have more examples from non-fiction and how-to book authors. Though geared more to the self-publisher, I think any reader interested in marketing can gain something from its pages. I especially liked the chapter summary bullets and website links. I gave it 5 stars.

Between this book and my recent marketing panel post, I've been thinking about what I (you) can do now to implement the beginning (and all-encompassing) step in Grahl's marketing system--Connections. Marketing is about helping people. To build connections and help others, I (you) can:
1. Figure out my platform. What do I want to talk about that helps  others (besides writing tips)?
2. Write useful posts on my blog and author page.
3. Embrace the fact that I have something to offer of value/be a fan of my own book. Be excited!
4. Share interesting facts, tips, photos, etc. on my book's topic without going overboard. What ways best reach my intended audience?
5. Keep in touch with writer friends through social media, email, etc.

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