Monday, September 22, 2014

Enjoy Reading Missionary Experiences?

Hey, do you have a good Mormon missionary story? I'll tell you what I mean and I'm asking for your HELP!

I love good, inspirational stories and have collected ones from around the world on the topics of bishops and missionaries, including full-time and member- missionary stories. This post is specific to my LDS readers who have a personal missionary experience of their own or from a family member, that they would like to submit (and thereby grant permission for me to use) to my collection of stories for publication. This is a project I can't do without the help of others!

The stories can be any length and any writing style and will be minimally edited as needed. You don't have to be a writer. No names will be used and the submitters will not be identified. No compensation will be given. Your contribution will add to the reading enjoyment and uplift of others, and you can remember it permanently in print. Stories can be funny, educational, cultural, inspirational, or reveal any aspect of missionary life where there is a lesson to learn or a positive ending. I want readers to laugh and cry, feel informed and inspired.

You've thought of one, haven't you? PLEASE take a few minutes to type a few sentences or a page down, or scan directly from a journal and send it to me at my.missionary.story@ Questions are welcome. And it's still not too late to send a story about or from a bishop. (I especially need incidents of bishop's interaction with youth.) I'm winding up these two projects and request your submissions by October 20, 2014. Thanks so much!

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