Monday, August 17, 2015

Author Newsletters That Deliver!

I had a pleasant surprise last week. One of my author newsletter subscriptions really delivered! I'll tell you about that in a second. I'm used to seeing fiction authors tell what they are working on and giving easy ways to buy their books in their newsletters, but not much else. While this may be interesting or helpful, it's rare to find lasting value from a fiction writer's newsletter. One freebie might have initially attracted me, but soon I hardly care. I don't want to do that to my readers. Until I figure out what I have of value to offer besides announcing my book release, I haven't wanted to push starting this, even though having that email list is highly coveted as one of the best marketing tools there is.

A newsletter from Jordan McCollum came to my inbox. I like her work and have gotten to know her at conferences, so I don't mind finding out what she is up to. What I didn't expect were all the freebies, news, and helps found there. Jordan lets subscribers read samples (deleted scenes, first chapters, shorts, etc.) of her fiction. She also authored writing craft helps and I was excited to download a worksheet to help me during my current revisions. She calls for reader participation through contests and being a recipe tester for foods featured in her books. Fun stuff!

Now for brainstorming what might be fun stuff in a newsletter of my own. I'd be thrilled to know if any of these interest you or you have new ideas for me. Keep in mind that the majority of my readers will be women of adult and young adult age, readers who belong to the LDS faith (Mormons), readers who would like to understand the scriptures or become inspired, and readers who like some history, adventure, and romance. 
  1. Photos of Book of Mormon lands (from an upcoming cruise)
  2. Mayan/American Indian recipes and traditions
  3. Book of Mormon fun facts and personal insights
  4. Tidbits about writing my book: inspiration, inventing names, creating characters, etc.
  5. Balancing fact and fiction when writing scriptural-based fiction
  6. Contests for readers to participate
Please leave your favorites by number in a comment. What would you like to know more about from me in a newsletter?

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Jordan McCollum said...

Thanks, Renae! Sometimes the newsletter is a lot of work because I want to have those bonuses, so it's great to hear they're appreciated!

Your ideas sound great!