Monday, October 12, 2015

Reflections on Five Years of Blogging

Post #276. Five years ago I started this blog when another writer liked my edit of a book blurb, and asked if I had a blog. Until then, I didn't imagine I had much to share. She inspired me to consider doing what I had been hearing writers should do--have a blog to jump start your name recognition before publication. Maybe I could figure out something worthwhile to say and not feel overwhelmed if I kept it to a weekly post. There are differing opinions on the future of blogging, but for five years straight, I have stuck with it. That makes me happy.

My blog evolved over time. In the beginning, I searched other blogs as examples and for hot topics to throw my two cents toward. It's a sort of copy-cat phase, like when toddlers learn to talk. After the learning curve and slowly gaining a few followers, I needed to spend more time writing and less on using blogs like social media. Instead of blogs, I shifted to finding topics from author newsletters and googled my own questions. As my writing journey took a specific path, posts became more personal.

I'm not sure where it's going from here, but I'm considering doing a blog overhaul where I use this site more as a website with a page for my blog as well as other pages. You may be seeing some changes in the coming month--all for the better, I expect.

Here is what this blog has taught me:
1. It still feels risky to put my words and thoughts out there for public scrutiny.
2. There will be blogging ups and downs. Just when I wonder if I am reaching or helping others, someone leaves a comment, says thank you, or the stats show a jump in traffic. It takes time to get results.
3. It is a way to keep connected to the writing world, other writers, and keep myself visible.
4. Though stimulating to write, it has been a constant deadline scramble to get done. The majority of my posts were written a day or two before due. But, there is something satisfying about keeping up a weekly goal and routine for five years.
5. Blogging basics were learned: HTML code is less foreign, posts can be scheduled, etc. Always edit your post and view it in preview before publishing.

With more readers using tablets or phones, comments have drastically declined. If you have generally benefited from this blog, I'd love to hear about it or see a quick "Like". But I'm also happy with a little blip on the traffic source. Thanks for visiting.

Reflect on your own writing/reading goals this week.

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Ellen said...

Great job on sticking with your writing goals. I can see an improvement over the last 5 yrs. Wow, has it been that long?