Monday, March 21, 2016

Book Review #2 of Blog Tour

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This is an interesting view on what could have taken place during the months before and during Ammon's interaction with King Lamoni.
Why did King Lamoni offer his eldest daughter as a wife to a Nephite? Was this daughter accepting of Ammon?
The author's development of the circumstances and of the characters offers a new insight to this Book of Mormon story. Whether or not one is familiar with the stories of the "Lamanites and Nephites" of the Book of Mormon, one will find this tale of the American Indian and the White man very entertaining. The character are created in a realistic way and the scenes are easily visualized. There is plenty of drama, action, and romance for any lover of fiction.
The only slight negative is I felt too much time was spent on the attitude of Karlinah in the earlier portion of the novel. Even then it steadily moved forward.
4.5 stars

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