Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why I Write What I Write

Hello, again! After a break and solving the problem of getting into my blog, I'm back. This is the place where I share my writing journey, a few tips or things I've learned, and the writing-related musings inside my head. Today's post will update you on what I've been writing--and why.

The most exciting news is the release of my second book, Survival of the King's Daughter, which came out exclusively as an e-book on June 1, 2017. Karlinah's story continues from Secrets of the King's Daughter, though each are considered stand-alone books. The third and final book of this scripture-based series will feature the love story of Karlinah's son, Samuel, who becomes a soldier among Helaman's stripling warriors. It is currently under review by the publisher. These three books are based on the section of the Book of Mormon that I originally thought I would cover in one book. It took three to tell their story, and with that complete, a change sounded refreshing.

I wanted to do something contemporary and include romance either as the genre or a sub-plot. Who doesn't enjoy a little romance? More importantly, I feel strongly that my writing should include latter-day-saint values, where the characters strive to live as God intends or they learn a lesson from doing otherwise. We need books that uplift as well as entertain, that offer role models of faith and courage within everyday lives. This has become my mission.

My critique group collaborated on a project that fit into my vision--an LDS contemporary romance book of four novellas with overlapping characters. Coming Home hit a snag when our first choice publisher rejected it. We have made some revisions and are getting more feedback before resubmitting. It's a fun story of four couples who are either leaving or returning from missionary service. Readers are going to love it.

My current work in progress is the story of two LDS middle-aged sisters. Romance is definitely involved but I'm calling this one Women's Fiction. I'm halfway into the draft that has seen a round of edits after feedback from my critique partners. I guess you could say that I'm halfway into the second draft. It has it's own set of challenges, but I'm loving it. I'm guessing it will fit nicely with the age 30 plus female audience that desires something more mature than young love.

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