Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Doing For Others

The things we do for . . . You fill in the blank.
Love, friends, glory. How about giveaways!
So, here's to spreading the word that Tristi's monthlong giveaway is winding down to a grand finale and you can still get in on the goods. I've been a 90 something % participant all month long and haven't won a prize yet. But I'm hoping that means I have a good shot at one of the last and best two prizes. (I'm saving the best for last.) Afterall, I did win a Lazyboy recliner with just a $1 raffle ticket (to a good cause), so nothing is impossible.
At any rate, I'm building on that friend word above. Go to trisitpinkston.blogspot.com and get to know this wonderful person (and maybe win a prize).

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