Monday, March 21, 2011

Writing Out of Duty?

So, my busy meter is about to rev-up a notch. I'll be putting in some regular teaching hours filling in for a maternity leave at a local Intermediate School in the music department. (Did you hear the one about the guy who always broke out in song because he couldn't find the key?) It's a blessing, really, with my husband out of work. But it leaves me with less time for writing. Cringe.
I considered not even posting today since I added an extra post last week, but the duty thing nagged at me and I have a streak going. Is my passion evaporating along with my time? Not many will read this anyway. I really need to get onto Facebook or do a contest because I'm at a stagnant place. I have a few new ideas to try on this blog, but I really want to know what you are looking for in a post. Leave me a comment with one or two of your favorite ideas. If you're feeling extra busy right now, maybe you good just leave me a "hello".
Good luck on your reading or writing this week. And thanks for stopping by.


Don said...

Extra busy is something I know all to much about. And you're about to get even busier, because you won the Blackberry Crumble give-away!

Send your snail-mail address to don (at) donaldjcarey (dot) com. I'm traveling for work and forgot to bring the book with me (drat!) but I'll get it sent out first thing when I get home.

Marsha Ward said...

Are you talking about writing writing, or blogging writing? If the former, write "Something cool will happen here," and go on. If it's blogging, figure out when you can do it and try to stick to that, or write posts ahead and schedule them for later. Or, frankly, cut back. You might want to tell your readers you'll be only blogging on Thursdays for a while, or whatever.

The writing Tip is courtesy of Jeff Savage at Six LDS Writers and a Frog, BTW. I hope this helps!

Renae W. Mackley said...

Wow! I didn't expect any comments yet and two great ones just popped up. First, Don gives me the good news that I've won a book that I'd love to read. Then, Marsha leaves me with the cool thought that something cool will happen here. This is a nice way to end the day after having technical difficulties with school equipment and getting our e-mail hacked. Auck! Thanks, guys. I'm feeling a little love.

Rebecca said...

I asked this question once on my blog when I was having difficulty coming up with things. The most common answer? Be yourself.

Turns out that the people who read my blog do because of whatever random stuff pops into my head that I write about. I have a blog tracker and I get the most hits on my "storytelling" posts. I'm finally learning to mesh my writer self with my mommy and goofy selves to form my own style.

Sounds like you're really busy! I hope you get all the techy stuff resolved!

Lisa said...

Hey Renae, it was great to meet you today at the Spring conference and we have another thing in common. My husband has been laid off as well. In any case I posted a picture of my home away from home at sea at my blog. Stay in touch. Lisa

CL Beck, author said...

Marsha's advice was good. I don't think life ever slows down and sometimes you just have to cut back.

(By the way, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my "Funny Puns." Glad you enjoyed them! :)