Monday, April 11, 2011

Killer Story Ideas

  Okay, so first off I gotta mention that my top American Idol woman got kicked off. Pia's voice was amazing. I've seen some real growth from Alana and I like that Hailey takes chances. Both are good. It's time for a guy to go next. Maybe Casey or Jacob. I love that Casey plays the double bass, but while his singing is on key, it isn't melodious and his screeching is only cool so often. I wouldn't want to hear a whole record in one sitting. Stefano is a one-style man but with a more pleasing voice, so I like him better. Last week was the first week that I truly enjoyed Paul. Scotty put out something a little different too but not by much. He's mainly a one-trick pony so far but I still enjoyed the trick. In the end, it's going to be James who takes it to the top. He can do it mellow or screamin' with consistently good vocals. Just saying.
And now for our regularly scheduled program--
  All writer's need creativity. John Brown gave 7 ways to prime yourself toward that end. Here's my notes:
1. Ask Questions. Maybe you've already tried What if . . .? or What can go wrong? But have you focused it specifically to Character, Setting, Problem, Plot?
2. Feed Your Mind through pictures, headlines, anything you see or hear.
3. Turn On Your Zing Sensors. Be alert to things that can zing or zap you. Write these down and review later to spark further ideas. (This is the part that impressed me:) Trust your own sensor, not someone else's. The ideas have to be your own passion. You can't write someone else's story that you doesn't move you.
4. Generate Answers through various methods, i.e. outlines, exploratory drafts, interviews, maps, research, etc. Make a decision and run with it.
5. Practice Farmer's Faith. Manure can grow things. A crappy idea can blossom into something useable if we are patient and have put in the work.
6. Listen to your Spideysense. (This one is harder to explain unless the movie tips you off.) Don't deny your inner self. Writer's block is a gift. You just need to feed and generate as above. If your expectations are too high, break down your project into steps.
7. Relax and have fun. Stress is not creative. Some people do their best thinking in a relaxing shower.
Have you used any of these and which ones work best for you? Idol comments are also welcome.


Jane Isfeld Still said...

ZING Sensors. LOVE IT. That just reminded my of a thought I neede to write down for a blog. :)

Renae W. Mackley said...

Yeah, I love it when something Zings me! Thanks for visiting and following, Jane. Love your humor BTW.