Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Celebrating!

I'm celebrating several things this week. First, I'm announcing my two winners in the Awesome August Blog Hop.
Chris has chosen to receive Wrong Number by Rachelle Christensen and
Squiggles will receive Matched by Ally Condie.
Okay, maybe they are celebrating the win more than I am, but I'm happy for them. Congratulations!
Second, this week is the one year anniversary of my blog and I expect to get my 100th follower. Will it be you?
Third, I survived my first week as an empty nester. My baby is off to college. A few mixed feelings here, but overall it's a good thing. I hope he has some great experiences like I did. Those were the days, weren't they? Still, I wouldn't go back.
Fourth, the feedback about "something you like about other blogs" was terrific and I'm looking to implement some changes soon. Want to know what people liked and my response? I've combined them into categories. Keep in mind that my theme is Meaningful Mondays so not every alliteration title will work (but the idea might).
1. Reviews (8 comments). Book Reviews, a search index tab to find them, photos showing covers of my reading bookcase and what's in my mailbox, and lesser known or older book reviews. I've reviewed a few books here and wish authors would send me more. Sounds like I need to put my Goodreads reviews on my blog. Hope I can figure out how to do the search tab. I'll check into this.
2. Guests (4). Author interview, features, or guest posts. I've done a couple of these and see no reason not to continue. It adds a little variety.
3. Themes (4). Tuesday Teaser shares a few lined from your current read, Flash fiction Friday, Six sentence Saturday, Wordless Wednesday--post a photo, Wordful Wednesday explains the story behind the photo. I'll rename and use some of these.
4. Questions (3). Answering random questions or lists to get to know me, used as a contest entry, or to open a topic for discussion. Randomness is objective, but I like to pose questions and answer a few. See my post on seven random things about me.
3. Links (1). To reading the first chapter of a book. I'd love to do this with my own, once I'm published. Great way to see if it hooks you and to advertise.
5. Contests (1). Use Googleform or Rafflecopter widgets for contest entries. Good idea. Ya learn somethin' new every day.
7. Widgets (1). WIP counter. Check that one off.
So, did I get your favorite on the list? Leave a comment to add to my list and watch for yours in the future. OR tell me what you are celebrating.
Happy Labor Day!


John Waverly said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

It sounds like you have lots of things planned. Keep up the good work.

Renae W. Mackley said...

Thanks, John. I might be getting some future ideas from your blog.