Monday, February 6, 2012

Book Review and Alliteration Entry

For the next five weeks I will be posting entries to my alliteration contest one at a time, along with my regular post. So look for Matthew Tandy's great submission below. First, I have a book review for anyone interested in learning to make better decisions for their financial future. In other words, this book is for adults of all ages.
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The 124 page book is RetirementQuest: Make Better Decisions by John Hauserman. The back cover states the book's purpose as showing how to get unbiased advice and avoiding costly mistakes."If you want to build a secure financial future, this is the book that will help show you how." I agree that this novice-friendly book is an aid and covers these purposes, but not meant to be all inclusive. It is a good starting place.
Mr. Hauserman begins by pointing out how there is a greater need for financial planning to meet one's goals than ever before. People live longer now and investments needs a vigilant eye. Mr. Hauserman goes through information step-by-step with understandable examples and explained graphs or charts. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to read this book, though for me, it did take a quiet atmosphere and slow reading to absorb the information. The book is orderly and logical with certain points bolded or highlighted with a side bar for emphasis.
The introductory chapters gave me the feel of relevance for most reader's situations. I found the section toward the end where history affected spending trends and philosophies especially interesting. Some of the middle made me want to turn investing over into the hands of one more competent. This acceptable avenue could find you seeking Hauserman's or another's services or at least checking out the free interactive financial map on his website. Books like this one are important to read because ultimately, we are all responsible for our own financial decisions.
If you would like to order a copy of this book, go to:  You can also visit the author's website here:
     Check last week's post or scroll down for the winning entry to my alliteration contest. Here's another great submission by Matthew Tandy:
Two tanned tee tolling Tandy's tangoed tremulously towards tight tightropes taped to towers. Taking time, teetering, tottering, teasing, together to topward tiers. Tonight, tangoing Tandy's Tatianna, Thomas, tempered terrifying, terminal tittering, toes turned tactically, teeth terrific, talking tall tales, tender truths, tavern tales.  

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