Monday, February 13, 2012

To Honor a Special Friend

Today I honor someone whom I will never forget in guiding my writing journey and to all those online and in person friendships that were created through the world of writers. Happy Valentine's Day! 
I started writing a novel after reading one that struck me as being something within my capabilities. Just give me a computer and enough time and the ideas I find exciting can turn into publish-worthy pages. Ignorance is bliss. Rejections came but I had proved to myself I could complete such a project and my skills should only improve with practice.
After I had started a second novel, I moved to a new area and met a friend who also wrote. She encouraged me to join her critique group. What an eye-opener! She and another woman did their best to find good things to say about my writing while guiding me through reasons why a sentence or paragraph needed changes or why a character felt flat. I quickly learned and improved both through writing and critiquing. The process of growth felt exhilarating.
This woman and I developed an unlikely friendship. She has a busy household full of children and my caboose was heading to college. She's a bit high-energy and I’m more organized and low-key. But we needed one another to improve, to fulfill our dreams.
Though I credit her with my real start to writing, showing patience and believing in me, there came a point where my friend grew frustrated with her lack of success.
“Why spend so much time when nothing comes of it?” she asked.
The answer was evident. “Because you love it.”
            An artist needs another artist to buoy them up, give encouragement, praise when deserved and give helpful criticism as needed. Our husbands may be supportive, but they really don’t understand our drive and all that it takes to do what we do. Only other passionate writers can fill those shoes of support through the ups and downs of going after our dreams. I am grateful to have such a friends in my life. Here's to my critique group--Melissa, Shannon, Rich, and Brock. Love you guys!
            And now I'd like to share this special friend's entry in my alliteration contest:
            Melanie Martineau meandered merrily, moving magic marbles over her  milky mandibles. Madness marred the machinery of her mind as she marked Mary Malcom's mansion on a map. Maybe she'd make a magpie munch on the mannerless Mary's marshmallows. Moreover, maybe a mallet to the martyr's magnolia tree might make the manager of her meat-market the malevolent witch of Oz. Moving her magnet of a mirror, Melanie munched on mildewed macaroni. A marvelous mouth-watering meal, and mentally measured the miles to Mary's mansion. Muah ha ha ha! -- by Melissa Cunningham
           To learn more about the contest and winner, click here
           Who inspires you?


Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Thank you so much Renae! You are wonderful and have definitely been a huge help in keep my enthused when my energy for writing has flagged.

I tried your link but it didn't work for me. Just thought I'd let you know.

I love you so much!

Renae W. Mackley said...

It works two ways, my dear. Hope I fixed the link.

JoLyn Brown said...

Renae, I had to jump over and read about your friend after you posted on my "God Gave Me You" post. I wanted to know more about this person who God gave you. I also have been given a great critique group. They are so helpful and its been fun to find how close of friends we are becoming. Yay for critique groups and great writer friends!