Monday, November 26, 2012

Indie Publishing Proofreading Errors?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, or a great weekend if you don’t follow the American celebrations. Either way, I’m big on gratitude. It gives me a greater sense of happiness. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love.

I’m thankful for computers that simplify a writer’s life. I don’t know if I could pursue writing the old-fashioned way. The old ink quill would scratch out more than what is left in its wake. I much prefer highlighting and deleting and the ever valuable insert capability for a clean, organized look. Spell check is another terrific tool. Drafts and revisions are a writer’s life to which the computer aids tremendously.

Lately I've noticed proofreading errors—some that a computer should catch, some not—in Indie books that give me cause to wonder if a few self-published authors are not getting enough critical eyes on their works before publishing. It’s usually something simple such as omitting small words like ‘to’. Content for the most part has been great and I want to put in the disclaimer that this post is not aimed at anyone in particular or someone whose book I have reviewed.

I tend to read slowly and catch more of these mistakes because of that. New to e-reading, I couldn't say if the trend has changed. Early Indies fought to prove their quality without traditional publishing. I’m grateful for the strides made and for more books to choose from. I’m proud to have several Indies within my circle of writer friends. I may even become one of them someday.

Still, I’m wondering if you've noticed or is it just me. What’s your experience? Have self-publishers slacked off editing steps in order to write that next book? Or have you noticed a decline in quality from well-known traditionally published authors who are cranking books out?

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