Monday, November 19, 2012

New Books Shout

Two exciting new books are out this month. First, Michelle Jefferies' Emergence about a hit man with a conscience is here. Technical suspense, secret agents and bad boys gone good. I didn't receive my copy yet so I have yet to read this one. When I get it, I'll share my review. This is Jefferies' first novel in the series.
Here's the back cover blurb:
Hit man Antony Danic has never killed an innocent man. At least, the corporation he works for has never given him a reason to think otherwise--until now. Reeling from a series of demanding assignments, the assassin is desperate for some downtime. As he sits on a beach in Tahiti watching his wife play in the ocean, a messenger from his employer delivers a death threat. In a matter of seconds, the hunter has become the hunted. While Antony scrambles to find a way out of his "till death do us part" contract, he's faced with the decision of a lifetime: kill another innocent man, or do what's right--even if it puts his family in jeopardy.

Next, Cheri Chesley's second historical romance  is just out. The Tyrant King is the second in this series of three. I enjoyed The Peasant Queen and look forward to getting my copy of this one too. Cheri has a 'spread the word' contest going on her blog through today. You'll also find a tab to read the first chapter. This is a great way to see if you like it first. But watch out--you just might become hooked. 
About this book:
Krystal’s peaceful life as queen of Fayterra is shattered when a stranger arrives with a connection to Jareth that threatens to change everything. Soon her loved ones are threatened, her people are under attack, and Krystal must face a devastating loss. As the future becomes bleaker and the mystery continues to unravel, Krystal’s enemies will learn just how far she will go to defend the people she loves.

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J. A. Bennett said...

Both good books and excellent authors who both used to live in my area. Curse them both for leaving! ;)