Friday, December 7, 2012

Book Giveaway

Enter the linked giveaway at the bottom of this post for chances to win a hardcover copy of Toby Gold and the Secret Fortune and more! 
A big welcome and thank you to all my new followers. I'll have more book reviews and writing posts this month. Later in January, come back for the second annual Alliteration Contest.     Now for more about Toby Gold.
Read my review of Toby Gold here.
"Unique children’s lit that cleverly tackles interest rates, endowments, fluctuating commodities, bullying and identity." - Kirkus Reviews
 An infant is discovered one night on a commuter train from New York City during a stop in the sleepy town of Wallingford, Connecticut.  The local police are summoned, but are unable to locate the boy’s parents, despite painstakingly questioning each person on the train.  For some strange reason, none of the passengers can remember seeing his mother falling from the train – after falling victim to an assassin’s bullet.
Assigned the name “Toby Gold” by social services, the mysterious child grows up in Wallingford, moving from foster home to foster home, not knowing who his real parents are - or why he was born with such freakish skills with math and money.
Now a teenager, Toby’s money skills are noticed by the wrong people, and thus he is unwittingly sucked into a high-stakes financial conspiracy that puts his life, and the lives of his two closest friends, in great peril.  Ultimately, Toby solves the crime, saves his friends, and even saves his school—all in one harrowing afternoon.

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