Monday, December 31, 2012

Left Brain Quirks

If you consider artists as quirky, writers are sure to be included. Don't get me wrong. I love my writer friends. Almost every writer I've met at conferences and through social media has been delightful and several acquaintances have developed into lasting friendships. We share common goals but do we share common quirks? Let's see. Own up to your own idiosyncrasy first, keep it in mind, and compare with mine. Ready?

I think my quirk has something to do with the dominant Left Brain side of me. Yeah, that's the scientific/analytic side, not the artistic/creative side. In that case, maybe it has nothing to do with quirky artists--just my dominant brain coming through in a quirky way. See what you think. My Quirk: I play with letters when I'm revising/highlighting. Words that change before my eyes fascinate me. It's a visual stimulationFor a brief instant, it gets in the way of my Right Brained flow during revisions.

Here's what I mean:  I'm changing 'have' to 'leave' and I start highlighting the word to replace it when I notice that several letters are the same.       have → leave = __ave   
These don't even rhyme but my eye tells me I don't have to replace the whole word, just some of the letters. If the letters to change are within one swipe of my cursor, I'll leave the ones that already exist. Maybe it's a fairness issue. Wouldn't want those letters that can stay on the page to get unnecessarily wiped out when they were there first, now do we?

What oddity peculiarity do you confess to have? Remember that quirks make you YOU and you don't have to change them for anyone. Start the new year by embracing the neither good nor bad quirks that make you unique. 


Hannah Holt said...

Hey, you changed your background. (Or maybe I'm just noticing now.) I like it. My quirk is I'm situationally blind. Like, I can sit down to a movie at night with my husband and not notice that all of the lights in the house are one. I think it's because I spend all day with children and I get used to tuning out unnecessary distractions. But it sometimes shows up in my writing. I'll often revise something and just not "see" the extra letters left over from my first draft. Thank heavens for my critique group! They save my bacon in so many ways.

Hannah Holt said...

make that "are on..." See what I mean.

Renae Weight Mackley said...

Critique groups or proofreaders are a must! Thanks, Hannah.