Monday, November 25, 2013

Support For Your Writing Addiction

And the WINNER of the wall hanging is . . .

Thank you to all who participated in my Gratitude Contest!

The last post for this month of Gratitude is that I'm grateful for the support of my family. Support is crucial. Writers who go it on their own can go months or years without getting a single pat on the back or hearing the words, "Well done!" In my case, I imagined it would take a year to write and revise a book. Maybe another year to get reader feedback, tweak some more, submit, and hear from the publisher. That's a long time to go without any encouragement. In reality, it took me double that amount of time. My husband allowing me to use my time writing and giving financial support toward writer conferences was a great boon to me, as was having a good critique group.

But what if you don't have support close by? 
You have to find/create it. Either that or have super-human inner-strength.

Suggestions: Find a critique group that gives positive feedback as well as suggestions for things that don't work in your manuscript. Recognize that the latter is a gift--someone else telling you the spots where you can make your story better. Learn to enjoy the process of getting your best story out there. Seek out blogs and writer friends for help and encouragement. Pin up an inspiring quote. Make some goals and reward yourself for steps along the way to achievement. If you thrive on competition, find a writing buddy to 'sprint' with or participate in contests like NaNoWriMo. Involve those in your household by having them brainstorm ideas with you or read short segments. Respect their time by not pushing too much on them, but keep them informed through tidbits of what you achieved that day. If they can't take the smallest amount of interest, seek another source. Search online or ask your librarian to help you connect with writers. Attending a workshop can give you face-to-face connections that may lead to just what you need. The road will have some bumps but keep your eye on that destination! You can do it!

Got a suggestion to share?

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