Monday, December 2, 2013

The Pace of Life

Hello December. Hectic or joyful? Maybe both. Today I'm thinking about pacing--not in writing but in life. Whether you are breathing a sigh of relief from a frantic finish to NaNoWriMo or you've been dragging your feet to accomplish year-end goals, December is a good month to think about life pacing. 

Step 1- Evaluate. Are there extra activities pulling you away from writing goals? Do you need more family time? Would a break invigorate you for those New Year Resolutions ahead or do you need a push to get into gear? Figure out where you stand. Don't be hard on yourself by analyzing it to death. It's just a place that you are currently at. A starting point to figure where to go from here.
Step 2 - Prioritize. Can the deadlines wait or does the family need more from you? In the long and short of it, what things will be important today, this week, and this month? I'm a list-maker and it feels good to cross things off, but a few things usually get pushed to tomorrow. Disruptions happen and usually I'm okay with that. I still see progress and some spontaneity makes life interesting. It can be tricky making sure the proper things get the most attention, whatever the amount of time we're dealt. If we have our priorities straight in our heads, it's easier to both implement action and go with the flow.
Step 3 - Work the Plan. Make those priorities happen to the degree of your abilities, whether you've decided to work hard or scale back. Put whatever it is that is your priority into action through step by step goals or keeping end-result focus. This is hard to do if you haven't completed steps 1 and 2. (That's the biggest tip here, folks.) 

May we all find a pace that makes us and those around us happy. Enjoy December!

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