Monday, February 3, 2014

Third Annual Alliteration Contest

What's alliteration?
Slim Summerville slowly sauntered seaward. Several sailors suddenly seeing Slim's subconscious surroundings, slyly stole Slim's shorts, socks, shoes, shirt. Suddenly, sleepless songbirds sang silly songs singularly seeking secure streets showing serenity. 
I think you get idea. My dad penned the first two sentences for an assignment as a schoolboy many years ago. I added the last sentence to stretch it further. In his honor, I'm holding a contest for participants to practice this writing exercise. Not all words have to start with the same letter, but a similar sound somewhere is required. If you're tricky, the sound might come in the middle with vowels, or a consonant at the end. Play with it, have fun. Then send yours in for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

Because it is often hard to choose a winner, this year I am setting the contest up through Rafflecopter. It will be easy, but there will be extra points for those who put in extra effort. Only two things are required: 1) Follow my blog and 2) Submit your original alliteration (maximum of 2 permitted). Why not give it a try? The winner will be announced February 24th.

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James Duckett said...

Renae really relishes writing rhetorical remarks.

Jodi Orgill Brown said...

We weave wishes when we write. Wishes, like wands, wordfully wander in the world where we wait when we wake. Creations come crawling, calling and creeping across the cavernous crevasses in our craniums.

Lisa Swinton said...

Eager epileptic Elizabeth, elevated on an elephant, earnestly eats excellent, edible eggplant, eggrolls, eggs, English muffins, etc., enroute to England