Monday, January 27, 2014

Balancing Progress - FB Author Page

All weeks are not created equal. No, I didn't get my website going yet. That's still in the prep stages (see previous posts). I'm doing the work, I'm baby-stepping. But I did make more progress elsewhere. And that gets me to my writer's tip today: Everything you do leads to progress. Yes, those crummy scenes you later delete can lead to better ideas and better writing. Even time on social media can lead to needed information, opportunities, or a better mood. Just remember that moderation is key. (Perhaps you are one who needs an egg timer to bring you back to your intended focus?) The point is that doing means action and action (eventually) gets results. For me, my actions didn't yet result in a website, but I'll get there. We don't have to be too hard on ourselves. Find the right balance of working toward your goals so that you accomplish effectively without over-stressing. Work hard when you can, take a breather when you need to.

This past week my efforts led me to set up my Facebook Author page. Perhaps prematurely, but I'm getting in on having people 'like' my page as part of a Rafflecopter giveaway for someone's blog tour next month. So that's done and you can check it out through the badge on the sidebar. 

The new-to-me blog of the week is Fire and Ice, a good-sized blog which highlights books through reviews, blog tours, author spotlights, etc. They promote YA, children's, and LDS fiction. I'm bookmarking them for future reference. Find them at

Looks like a week of revisions on Bishop Stories for me and finishing up a book review. What have you been up to?

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