Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Review and Reading Variety

Product Details
The Great American Family Reunion Cookbook is the perfect title for this new book by Lori Nawyn. Not only is it a cookbook with recipes especially geared toward family gatherings, fifty states are highlighted with recipes and state notes or tips. Food is the focus, of course, but you will also find motivation, ideas for themes and activities, and go-with menus. You'll want to peruse the entire book, drooling at some of the recipe titles and getting non-food ideas. When you're ready to try something out, a nice table of contents will help readers remember and find anything in the book. I recommend it as a gift to yourself or for the head honcho of your next family reunion.

Does 'reading' a cookbook count as reading? You bet it does. Especially ones like the above that include more than recipes. Even comic books count, but let's not get carried away. Variety adds spice to life.

Do your reading habits include different genres of fiction and non-fiction? I hope so. Especially if you're a writer. Writers learn from different authors by focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. One may be good at dialogue, another description or characterization. Reading a variety helps us know what is out there, to view different writing styles and language, and let's us find new things to love or discover why we don't like something. It's all good. Happy reading!

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