Monday, October 27, 2014

Praise to Authors - Whitney Awards

When you read a great book, you probably tell your friends about it, but did you ever think to 'tell' the author? Tell them with an award nomination. What author wouldn't want to be recognized by their readers in this way? It's one of the highest forms of praise. 

About this time of year, the buzz starts over which LDS (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) authors' books you have loved throughout the year. Yes, I am talking about the Whitney Awards and it's time to think of which books you might nominate.
I care because this is the community of authors that I associate with and they put out some great books. I care because I will be eligible next year when my first novel is published. If we take the time to read any fiction over 50,000 words by an LDS author, and loved the book, shouldn't we say so with a nomination? It takes X number of days to finish a great book, but takes about one minute to nominate. Easy-peasy. Just go to for all the info you might want, and click the word nominate. The authors will love you for it.

I'm heading over to my Goodreads 'read' list to see which ones I loved that qualify. Then I'll go do the easy-peasy thing. How about you? Can you spend a minute to praise an author or two?

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