Monday, April 13, 2015

Attention Freeloaders: It's IndieReCon Time

"Free" isn't always a good word. Sometimes it's attached to something else--like a 90 minute time-share presentation or having to buy the small drink and fries that will blow your diet to get it. But in this case, FREE is a very good word.

If you've ever wanted free, excellent advice and education about writing, publishing (especially self-publishing) and the marketing industry--whether or not you plan to self-publish--this is your chance. And you can even attend in your jammies!
IndieReCon 2015 runs April 15-17 on your own device. All you have to do is register. If you can't make it in real-time, return later to read the articles that apply or interest you most.

Yes, I'm signed with a traditional publisher, but I'll be there. Why? Because who knows when I will have hybrid opportunities. Why? Because I've learned some good things from past conferences. Why? Because many topics apply to all authors and I'm still a novice. I can use professional advice on creating a bestseller, planning social media campaigns, writing serials, self-editing, Pinterest, author rights, advertising/marketing, and much more. You can look up the schedule ahead of time and mark your favs. Enjoy!

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Peggy Urry said...

Thanks for sharing this Renae! I'm excited to see what new things I can learn.