Monday, April 6, 2015

Freedom of the Written Word

With recent celebrations of Easter and LDS General Conference sessions (Mormons) fresh on my mind, I turn today to a deeply personal subject that has stirred the passions of many for thousands of years--the freedom to speak and write that which one believes. Kings have beheaded citizens for speaking their minds and armies have fought against losing such privileges. That which we think, we often share. Reasons include educating, debating, helping, convincing, soliciting change, socializing, expressing emotion, and negative purposes like hurtful gossip. There is mighty power in words.

My book projects have so far been devoted to a select niche of readers, hoping to inspire and entertain the LDS audience. My subject matter has only been possible through the acceptance of religious freedom. I must allow others to express their contrary opinions, as they must allow me the same. The individual has choice over which material to read, listen to, accept or reject.

In gathering and editing stories for my soon-to-be-completed narrative non-fiction books, Missionary Stories and Bishop Stories, I have been touched and uplifted by the experiences of others, and desire to share them. This would not be possible without the freedom of the written word. Whether or not these are traditionally or self-published, there exists today many options for writers to share their written works. I feel blessed to be able to participate in spreading the written word of that which I see as good.

The power to move others is in you. Move forward on your own writing goals.

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