Monday, June 8, 2015

A Book Spotlight, A Blog, and Finding Motivation

Mothering through the WhirlwindWaiting in an airport lobby, I recently read a thought-provoking mini-book by Tamara Passey called Mothering Through the Whirlwinds. I found it an appropriate prelude to the reason for my trip. I would spend ten days mothering three rambunctious little boys while their mother was on bed-rest in a hospital, avoiding her baby coming too early. I knew what I was in for--having six children of my own--but my body wasn't young anymore, and I was out of practice. I determined to give it my best shot. My motivation? I'm their grandmother and my daughter needed me.

Tamara writes that her book is less of a How-to manual and more of a How-I-Found-My-Way story. I found it very inspiring and recommend it to mothers everywhere. She relates some personal hardships in an I'm-just-like-you manner, sharing hope and the wisdom of her experiences.

Tamara and Renae at LDStorymakers Writers Conference 2015
That is what I strive to do with this blog. My 'writespot' shares tips and experiences that express my journey as I grow into a writer. This is my How-I-found-my-way writing journal. Writing is a hard goal, but we can do hard things when we have motivation and support. Just like a grandmother who is willing to care for her grandchildren or a tired mother who continues through the challenges. You can do hard things too!
I passed the book on to my daughter before returning home. She's going to have more whirlwinds to come with those wonderful boys and now a 4 1/2 pound daughter in the NICU. I'm not too worried about her; she'll have motivation and support. It makes me grateful for the support team of my husband, critique group, and many writer friends. A big motivation for me is loving my story and seeing my manuscript improve through critique comments and revisions. It's a long, hard road. But I can do hard things too!


Tamara Passey said...

Thank you Ranae! How sweet of you to post this, today of all days! It sounds like your daughter is in good hands with support and a great example in you. Glad my book found its way to you at a good time.

Mary Ann said...

What a lovely post! I've been on both ends as a young mom and now as a grandmother. As a young mom I had hyperemesis and I'd be down in bed almost monthly. Grandma to the rescue! I honestly don't know how I would've made it through those rough days without her.

Her example has been my motivation for taking care of my girls when they are down, and I know they will continue on with their daughters.

I also like what you said about writing. This is a journey to be enjoyed.