Monday, July 27, 2015

Social Media (or lack of) for Authors

I don't have a Twitter account. I haven't worried about it since anything new takes time to learn, and takes away time from my writing. I haven't tried Instagram or some of the other sites either. Is that a big deal? You tell me. I accidently opened a Pinterest account and oddly--since I have never posted a board--I have some followers, but they are also ones that are Facebook friends, so what's the point? Perhaps when I get my book's cover image...

Maybe now is a good time for Twitter, before my debut book releases, but I'd like your input. So far, it's only been Facebook for me. That has been manageable and mostly fun. I have an author page separate from my personal page. I know to keep marketing posts to a minimum on my personal page, not to vent, etc. I agree with those "rules" and know there are times to sneak in a little marketing, but I'm not yet certain of my target audience. I expect the biggest share of that audience will be LDS women. If I find teens taking a big piece of that audience pie, it will probably be beneficial to join Twitter.

Do you find Twitter more of a complication or a connection? What media do you use to connect with authors or fans? Should I go for it now or wait and see?

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