Monday, December 7, 2015

Mixing Business with Pleasure for My Writing Adventures

Many authors find writing pleasurable, but not so much marketing or other aspects of being a writer. This one tops my list for both work and fun. Enjoy.

The Mackleys, Konopnickis, and Lunds at Dinner
I recently went on my first cruise, enjoying it with an LDS group of 30. We went to see "Book of Mormon Lands" in the western Caribbean, with two shore excursions to the Maya ruins of Tulum and  Lamanai. In addition, I attended lectures aboard ship, given by author and motivational speaker Dr. John L. Lund, where evidence was presented about Mesoamerican sites as candidates for locations described in the Book of Mormon. If you know a little of my writing projects, you can see how perfect this was for me.

I not only listened to Lund for the entertainment and educational value, I hoped to glean some tidbits to insert into my sequel, Secrets of the King's Daughter: A Book of Mormon Romance. And I found a couple that I never would have considered on my own.

Things I gained on vacation for my scripture-based fiction:
1. A visual appreciation for the beauty and topography of my writing project's setting for my next two books.
2. Specific scriptural references which apply to my story, as presented by Dr. Lund.
3. Cool photos to share, educate, and use for promotional posts or contests.
4. I purchased some swag to give away. (Wish I could have found more!)
5. Increased education about the best candidate locations for Book of Mormon sites, including climate, minerals, river flow, use of "up" and "down" correlating to elevation (rather than compass directions), volcanoes, and religious evidences.
6. New friends who could become potential readers.

I'll leave you with a couple teaser photos.

Lund points to Mask Temple in Lamanai, Belize
Tulum, Mexico

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