Sunday, January 16, 2011

Writing Journal #1: My First Book

Over the years, I have read and enjoyed my share of LDS novels. After a while I thought: I want to do that—meaning to write a good LDS novel. English was always one of my best subjects but it wasn't until years out of school that I seriously thought of writing a book. Without knowing any more about it than my readings and a general suspense novel outline in mind, I set about the task. Parts of it flowed and I found the process rewarding.
It took me nearly a year to write and revise. My husband gave feedback and support. I gave the finished product to a self-published friend for review but it turned out that she was little help. I didn't know where else to turn. With hope, I submitted to two or three publishers. Ah, but ignorance is bliss. The completion itself was a satisfying accomplishment and I didn’t get too discouraged by its subsequent rejection. My goal was accomplished. I had it in mind to do more of this, but for now, it was time to take a break. The writing bug had not fully hit. Next entry: My Second Attempt.
Did any of you start out so raw as this?


RaShelle said...

Yes, I did, Renae. Congrats on finishing. That IS a great accomplishment. =D

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

yes, totally and completely. I still feel pretty raw.

Maria Hoagland said...

I'm thinking I like the term "optimistic." I'm still going through the process and rewriting and resubmitting. Don't give up!

kbrebes said...

My story is similar to yours. I've read and loved many LDS novels and bought about fifteen for my daughter which I enjoyed more than she did. I graduated college with an English degree, but toward the end took a couple writing classes. Only one was helpful. Still, I didn't really begin writing until ten years later. Finally, I'm working on a serious novel I hope to get published. I love it, but it definitely has its problems (glad to have a crit group now!). Time and patience are needed, plus work and faith! Hang in there, Renae, and so will I!

ali said...

Sadly, YES! I'm embarrassed by the stuff I sent out for review in those early years because now when I look at it I realize just green I was ~ and how far from being ready for publication!

This is an interesting series you're posting Renae! I look forward to reading your next journal entries!

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