Monday, January 24, 2011

Writing Journal #2: The Second Attempt

I especially felt the stories that brought the scriptures to life for a reader held extra value, even though obvious liberties were taken. If I could fill in the gaps to make a scriptural account seem more complete and memorable to someone else, that was a worthy goal. So again, I embarked on the novel-writing journey. Heroes like Chris Heimerdinger and Heather Moore unknowingly pumped me up. Hmm . . . which scriptural account to study?
I read Sarah by Orson Scott Card and found new inspiration. An Old Testament story seemed the road less traveled. I picked out my character and began my second book. The story of Isaac and Rebekah was the one I wanted to tell. After investing a good amount of time on this project, I learned that Card had just published this very story and expected to do a trilogy of the Women of Genesis. A crushing blow. But I would finish my project anyway and not read his until I had written mine so as not to be too influenced or similar.
As it turned out, Card’s version was disturbing to me once he got into marital struggles and Rebekah’s deception with her son Jacob. A prophet and his wife should not have so much conflict! It didn’t feel right to have my marriage better than a prophet’s. But ignorance is bliss. Conflict, I later learned, is an important component to a story. Final revisions were made and I sent off the manuscript to two publishers. Rejection #2. Undaunted, it was time for some specific writing education. Next entry: Joining a Critique Group


kbrebes said...

Good post. I read Card's SARAH recently. I found it interesting that he wrote it while traveling in a car! I loved his characterizations, but, like you, did have cause to think through some things. Keep up the good work with your writing, Renae. You'll get there!

Wendy Swore said...

I like the journey your posting in these entries. It will be fun to see where your critique group took your writing next.