Monday, July 11, 2011

Perception - Writing Journey #1

  Are we having fun yet? Definately.
  Today I thought I’d give an update on my WIP (work in progress). I recently started a novel totally different from anything I’ve written before. Perception is different in that it’s YA instead of Adult, the MC is a boy, it's modern instead of historical, and suspense rather than scriptural-based. The change felt freeing and exhilarating, conducive to a great start with ideas flowing. After about 10,000 words, some of that faded a bit. Some days it takes an extra turn of the spigot to get the next scene to flow at the previous rate. Not that I’m worried, mind you. I just have to work a little harder. Nothing wrong with that.
  The idea for Perception came from a news story I just happened to catch and thought I could twist into a great plot. I instantly fell in love with the possibilities and thought I knew where the story would head. Between parts of it that want to write themselves and suggestions from my critique group, I’m uncertain which of two or three main directions to go. Hopefully, discovery is part of the fun. I’ll let you know in another 10-20,000 words if I'm still saying 'definately'.
  My previous project, The Seventh City, a Book of Mormon Historical Fiction which took first place in the historical category of 2011 LDStorymakers first chapter contest, is in its fourth month of review with my first-choice publisher. They said it would take 4-6 months so here’s hoping for a positive response soon. Cross your fingers for me. Its untitled sequel has run into some problems that I presently don’t wish to spend time fixing until I know its sister has a home with a publisher.
  There you have it. So, how is your WIP going?

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