Monday, July 23, 2012

Increasing Productivity

  You know those magazine ads that claim losing several inches off one's ample waistline and how skeptical they makes us? It reminds me of listening to prolific author Kevin J. Anderson as keynote speaker at the 2012 LDStorymaker conference. His tips to use every minute of every day seem too OC for my lifestyle and personality but they work for him. Though some could be used more than I do. Anderson works for two hours of his body's best creative time on writing, the rest of the day can be split between editing a previously written draft, researching for a new story, promoting and marketing, etc. Then someone will call him up and ask him to work on a specific project. His "I can do that" attitude leaves him successful and extremely busy. He loves it. He even speaks oral notes to a handheld machine while hiking and works on weekends. He typically has 5 or 6 projects going at once.
  Who can keep everything straight in that jumble? Not me.
  On the other hand, I always thought I was stuck writing with bursts of 'panster' creativity followed by meticulous revisions, and would be lucky to complete a book a year. This is the first year I've managed two simultaneous projects. Maybe time and experience factor in. But I need to keep it real while making improvements in this area. I want to try some new helps as I'm getting ready to hand the baton over to a new project.
  Here is a post I read, recommended by Rachelle J. Christensen and others, that doesn't sound too good to be true. It sounds like doable, logical planning that I'm excited to try out. Check out how Rachel Aaron increased her writing four to five times more in this great post.
  I'll report back on my progress later. What productivity tips do you use?


J. A. Bennett said...

I also went to Kevin's class and found myself going "You work eight hours a day and never take a vacation? No thank you!" But I do believe in stretching yourself as a writer. Great post!

Renae W. Mackley said...

Yes, a comfortable stretch outside the comfort zone is a good reach for most of us.
Also, I took off the photo I had attached to this post because of image worries like the one you just posted. Thanks.

Hannah said...

Every minute of every day? Wow! He sounds like a productivity factory. I write whenever I can sneak a minute because it's my favorite thing to do. Good luck with your two projects at once!