Monday, July 9, 2012

A Plethora of Words

The wording on this sign could
have been boring instead.

  Vacations and reading. What comes to your mind? It could be anything from a relaxing poolside novel to informative travel brochures. This past week for me included reading historical landmark plaques and signs. Somebody had to write those and some were more entertaining than others. It got me thinking about the plethora of writing jobs out there. Yeah, send me to some exotic island—even to a restaurant—and I’d be happy to write a review for you. 
  That research you spent so much time gathering for your novel, did you know you could write an article on some aspect of it and get paid for it? Broadening your scope of writing can put some change in your pocket and give you a little publicity for little extra effort. You don’t even have to write the article before selling it. Submitting pitch letters to the right markets will let you know which articles to write once they’ve been accepted and sold.
  Another venue you may not have considered is contests. Big or little, do your research before entering. Picking local or specialty ones limits the number of entries so you have a better chance. Sometimes you can use something you’ve already written and just need to polish. Choose no or low cost entry fees to avoid rackets. Contests with levels should be totally judge-based and never make you pay another entry fee to move up. Small rewards can put big smiles on your face and another feather in your cap. They spur you on to keep writing. That alone has been worthwhile for me.
  This year I entered a 200-word essay and came away with an iPad. Recently I submitted a finished novel manuscript in a free state competition and plan to submit in my community annual contest. What could it hurt--a little extra time? One will never become an award-winning writer if he/she doesn’t enter. Just saying. What writing projects are you participating in?


Hannah said...

Congrats on your recent win! Best wishes on your upcoming entries.

Liesel K Hill said...

Great post, Renae! And great picture! I love the crocodile thing! So funny. Congrats on the win. Anytime I see an iPad for a prize, I go out of my way to enter that contest (totally want one!) but have yet to hit the jackpot yet! Hope to see you at AW soon or if not that, then Roundup! :D

Renae W. Mackley said...

Thanks, ladies. I'm still in CA so my chances for coming to AW or Roundup are slim. Keep in touch!