Monday, January 4, 2016

Going Bold in 2016--Courage for Writers

I never thought I would swim with stingrays or tile a floor, but I have. What about those things we planned to do but didn't? As the saying goes, Go bold or go home.
Writers take risks all the time, and the ones I've heard talk about it, don't ever get totally comfortable with them. Whether it's summoning the guts to share your writing with friends and family--heaven forbid the public should read it!--or marketing scares you to death, there's at least one aspect of the writing craft where authors need courage.
Why and how to go bold:
  • To prove something to yourself. You've always wanted to write it, now tell yourself that you can. Others have proven it's possible. They all had a starting point. Work toward the "I can too" attitude. Give yourself positive vibes and permission to succeed.
  • To gain a greater audience. Change your perspective. Telling others about your book or project is helpful to them. You are giving information so they can decide. You are sharing something they can learn from or enjoy. Be enthusiastic without overusing your messages.
  • The year is going to pass anyway. Why not do what you've always wanted to do? Find a support group, critique partner, mentor, or other available resources for encouragement and motivation.
My debut book comes out in two months. This is both scary and exciting. I'll have new experiences, but life is full of those, right? I'll hope for the best and deal with any negatives because I'm doing what I love. It's worth the risk. Let this be the year that you go bold too! Write on!

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