Monday, January 25, 2016

Marching Toward Marketing--Cover Reveal and Giveaway Announced

Plunging into the unknown.
You know that moment when you've planned a trip to the amusement park and you're finally at the top of a brand new roller coaster, ready to go down? I'm there. I'm grabbing the restraining bar--not quite white knuckled, but ready for something to happen, and I don't know if it will scare me to death or turn into tummy-tickling thrills.

It's all brand new and I'm ready for the ride. I'd love to have you join me, starting with the cover reveal and giveaway for my debut book, Secrets of the King's Daughter. Covenant Communications will feature my cover this Friday, January 29, 2016 on their Facebook page, including a giveaway that you can enter. I will repost it on my Author page and other places. Later in February I will host an online book launch with more contests. The book will be out the first week of March and I'm scheduling a few book signings. It's finally real!

This marketing ride has been a long time in coming--long enough that I've written the book's sequel already and just need the finishing touches. I want to thank all those who have taken an interest, supported me, read my blog over the past five years, etc. The ride is much more fun with friends along!


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