Monday, February 1, 2016

My Sixty Seconds of Fame - Cover Reveal Success

Surreal. Like an out of body experience, watching the numbers from a distant place. Like becoming known to strangers for one minute of their life. I'll take it. That's what my first author online event was like for me. 
My publisher sponsored a Cover Reveal and giveaway this past weekend. (Great cover, eh?) My job was to repost and create interest. I did that through some posts and emails.
My biggest disappointment was a closed group on Facebook whose administrators must have been off for the weekend. The post will probably still be pending after the contest closes. My biggest thrill was seeing dozens of comments from strangers who loved the cover and wanted to read it. Definitely a good kind of surreal.

There's a learning curve to all this marketing stuff. I'm certain there were things I could have done better, but nothing worth losing sleep over. And I did pick up a few ideas through reading comments. My biggest survival tip: Have something else to busy yourself during the event so that you don't go crazy counting Shares and Likes. (I did some next-book revisions and went to a home and garden show.) Most of all, I'm grateful for the marketing rep who led the contest, that I might find a measure of success and learning. Thank you to all who participated and lended support!