Monday, December 23, 2013

Bearing Gifts Year Round

I found a great yearlong quote that holds added meaning at Christmas.
"Each day comes bearing Gifts. Untie the ribbons...." - Ann Ruth Schabacker
Do we look at each day with the same anticipation a child does when seeing presents under a Christmas tree? Granted, Christmas is a special time for both the reason we celebrate and the fact that it only comes yearly. But our participation also makes it magical and gets us in the proper mood.
It is my hope that we can look forward to each day's writing time with the expectation that magic will unfold if we simply untie whatever holds us back. The gifts are there, waiting. Even if you end up rewriting most of it, you have created something no one else has, and in the process, there is likely a magical phrase or two that are keepers. Put those efforts together and someday you can bear your gift to others.
Happy writing and Merry Christmas!

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