Monday, December 30, 2013

Blog Branching Out

 I hope you have found some useful writing tips, book reviews, and encouragement from my blog over the past year. That has been my goal. Thank you to all who visit.
The end of the year causes me to ponder the direction my blog will go for the coming year. I want to add to my purpose of this being an uplifting place for writers and readers to land, and a way to share my writing journey. I ran a contest using Rafflecopter for the first time and want to branch out with other new or borrowed ideas. In order to do this, I plan to explore more of what is out there in blog land. So far, I've decided to:

1. Visit and make a comment on a new-to-me blog each week.
2. Visit and make a comment on a familiar blog each week.
What do you like to see from your favorite blogs?

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