Monday, December 29, 2014

My Writing Journey 2014 Highlights

This blog has seen four birthdays and I've worked at becoming an author for at least five years now. It's a slow process, yet each year in my writing journey seems better than the last. I've had some significant highlights and I hope you will reminisce with me.
2014 Highlights:

  • An article published in the Liahona put me into instant international publication status. (Yes, I'm calling it that.)
  • Posted an author Facebook page.
  • Attended LDStorymakers Conference 2014 in Utah.
  • Joined an awesome critique group that regularly submits.
  • Finished Bishop Stories. Will submit after Missionary Stories.
  • Signed a contract with Covenant Communications to publish Secrets of the King's Daughter. (Publishing date delayed until January 2016.)
  • Received wonderful back cover reviews from noteworthy authors.
  • Doing final revisions on Missionary Stories
  • Writing a draft of the sequel to Secrets of the King's Daughter.
In other words, I'm further along the path, seeing success, and staying busy. I've met some wonderful people, and I hope I have inspired or helped a few of you. May the year 2015 be your best writing year yet!

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