Monday, December 22, 2014

Witnesses of the First Christmas, and Book Review

Do you realize how many witnesses announced the birth of Christ? 

In honor of the true spirit of Christmas, I want to share a timely insight gained from my wonderful brother's wonderful book, Our Savior Jesus Messiah, Vol. 1 by Bryan Young Weight. The chapter entitled Events At Birth starts: "The Law of witnesses requires two or more testimonies before truth is established..." He explains how the following are all witnesses that God the Father announced the birth of His Holy Son:
  • Angels. Not only did an angel proclaim to the shepherds, a group of heavenly hosts shouted "Hosanna!"
  • Shepherds. The selected shepherds shared their new knowledge abroad.
  • Temple witnesses. The Holy infant was recognized by Simeon and Anna at the temple.
  • The Star. A new star shown as a sign and a witness.
  • Wise Men. The wise men came to worship the King of the Jews.
  • Scripture. Prophets foretold and four disciples retold the birth of Christ, recorded in scripture. Bryan uses scriptures for each of the above examples.

Here is my review: I loved this bargain-priced book and gained some new insights from reading it. The book is well-written, with logical content supported by multiple scripture sources and the perfect study for daily scripture time, for anyone of any religion who is confused about Jesus or the Messiah, and a useful companion to LDS Gospel Doctrine lessons. I highly recommend it and look forward to the next volumes coming out in 2015. I gave it 5 stars. 
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Merry Christmas, everyone!

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