Monday, December 8, 2014

The Bumpy Road to Publication

It's been a week of highs and lows for me. If I could have foreseen the bumpy road to publication, would I make the same choices? Before I answer that, let's take a look at my week. 

The High: I asked, on short notice, three authors to read Secrets of the King's Daughter for the back cover blurb reviews, and all three came through for me with wonderful reviews. Great news, right? Even better, was the fact that I just had to ask one of these authors for the favor because, well, it's H. B. Moore--as in the researcher and writer of LDS historical fiction and Whitney Award winner! How cool is that? I felt so grateful that I had the courage to ask a busy author who probably gets a lot of requests from unknowns like me. To have her endorsement is HUGE. Feeling grateful; feeling good.

The Blow: Friday I learned that my book's release date was moved back from February 2015 clear until January 2016. What? Eleven months later!?! Instant deflation. How can I wait that long?

But I understand the publisher's reasons. Scriptural fiction sells better if it's the Gospel Doctrine topic of study--three to four times better, some say. 2016 is the year for Book of Mormon study. It might make sense to wait. One who wasn't emotionally attached to the situation would have to agree. (Disclaimer: This is not to say they won't change their minds again. I'll keep you posted.) 

I've given up my control to a publisher who holds the best market niche for my type of book, rather than self-publishing how and when I want. Do I regret that decision? No. I don't need a psychic consultant; I'm trusting in a marketing team with experience and emotional detachment. I have a great editor that I didn't have to seek out. I believe that sharing the same publisher was a contributing factor to Heather Moore taking time to write a back cover review. I just need to be patient. It's kind of like preparing a glorious feast and then finding out the guests have been caught in traffic. Delay mode. Don't worry; I've got some things to work on in the meantime.


Danyelle Ferguson said...

How awesome that you got a blurb from Heather Moore! Huge kudos! Sorry about the delay in the book coming out. That always stinks. The end was in sight and now . . . It will come though. And your book will be fabulous!

Donna K. Weaver said...

I'm glad you got such great author promotions. That's wonderful!

What gives me pause is, if they knew what that scriptural fiction sells better on certain years, why weren't they thinking about that when they gave you the 2015 date?

Someone dropped the ball, methinks.

Tera Mecham said...

Patience is a virtue they say. I bet it will work out best. Sorry though, it is hard to wait.

kbrebes said...

I'm really sorry, Renae. That big of a time gap has got to be difficult to face, but you will do it!! Just keep that good attitude and keep working hard enough that the time literally flies by in a wink!! Maybe add some new fun things to your life to take your mind off of it, like dancing, yoga, tennis, rock climbing, surfing…okay, maybe not surfing!! Love ya!

Renae Mackley said...

Thanks, ladies, for the well-wishes.

Tamara Passey said...

No fun when the finish line gets moved! Hang in there but it sounds like you are in good hands and congrats on the blurb!