Monday, February 8, 2016

Changing Genres, Blogs Revamps, and Contests--Oh My!

Notice any changes around here? Yep, I've got some new pages up, a new background photo, colors, etc. I hope you like it. Feel free to do some exploring.

While you're here, I want to announce my "Week of Book Love" giveaway February 15-20 right here and on my author Facebook page. I'll give you the details next week.

Finally, I'll leave you with a few thoughts on changing genres. I've been writing novel-length LDS scripture-based fiction for a while now, but recently I've begun a contemporary LDS romance novella. (Check out my PROJECTS tab.) You'd think it would be easier, but any kind of change sets those gear cogs into a different wheel slot, and we have to re-adjust.

Now I can use contemporary words and draw more from real-life experience. But I also have to keep the plot moving quickly. The pages I'm writing for this joint project take up one-fourth of the book and complete my characters' story. It's a different animal. What I'm finding is that the process goes smoother when I have at least jotted down the basic events I want to happen. And I can't forget that feedback and revisions are some of my best tools, especially when I've already scrapped a few paragraphs.

Oh wait. The need for those two things--advanced planning and doing rewrites--they never change. I might have to redirect my brain, but the writing process is basically the same. So, change? Yeah, we can do that.

Join me next week for contest time!

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