Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week of Book Love CONTEST - Day 4


Ceiba Tree Thorn
It's day 4 of the CONTEST celebrating my debut book, Secrets of the King's Daughter. Yesterday I talked about this being a Romance story, but today we find that there are dangerous thrills involved. Someone is attacked by a boa constrictor in the jungle. Someone is kidnapped. Someone gets tied to a thorny Ceiba tree and tortured.
Here's what H.B. Moore, Best of State and Whitney Award Winning author said in her endorsement of my book: Secrets of the King's Daughter is an inspiring story filled with danger, intrigue, romance, forgiveness, and faith--a must read for lovers of historical fiction!

For today's comment, tell me briefly of a dangerous situation you or someone you know were involved in.
CONTEST RULES: Each day February 15-20 you will have the opportunity to learn something new about my book and enter to win a signed copy. Simply visit and "Like" my Author Facebook Page and leave a comment there or on my blog that answers the question of the day. Sharing this post is optional but appreciated. One comment per question will go into the drawing for the prize. That's a total of six opportunities to enter to win!  

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TomKat said...

When I went to Lake Powell for my senior class trip, we ended up going hiking one day. That hike turned into rock climbing, on a cliff, without any equipment. I'm not very afraid of heights, but at one point I looked down and thought, "if I fall, I will definitely die." Miraculously, we all got across the cliff safely, but we all agreed that it was very dangerous and stupid and to never do thar again!