Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week of Book Love CONTEST - Day 6 (Final)

Karlinah's Beaded Hair Ties
Welcome to the final day of the CONTEST celebrating my upcoming debut book, Secrets of the King's Daughter, scheduled to release March 1, 2016. I hope you've had fun learning about Princess Karlinah and her worries, her growing faith, romance, danger, and how I use scripture as a basis for fiction. I'm excited for you to learn from and enjoy my book! The winner of the signed copy will be posted on Monday, February 22. And yes, you can go back to days you have missed until the contest closes tonight.

Karlinah makes unique clay beads to decorate the way she keeps her hair braids in place. These beaded hair ties become a clue to her location when someone searches for her. In the sequel--yes, I am writing a follow-up to this stand alone story--these beads provide more clues to finding someone. The sequel will use many of the same characters in a new adventure that can be read independently of the other, but is usually read in a preferred order. Today's question is: Do you typically enjoy series books (three or more), do you prefer single books, or both? 

CONTEST RULES: Each day February 15-20 you will have the opportunity to learn something new about my book and enter to win a signed copy. Simply visit and "Like" my Author Facebook Page and leave a comment there or on my blog that answers the question of the day. Sharing this post is optional but appreciated. One comment per question will go into the drawing for the prize. That's a total of six opportunities to enter to win!


Andrea said...

I appreciate a series because the characters are already known and an author can build the plot faster and skip some of the first introductions and descriptions as the series moves along. But sometimes a series can be disappointing on the the direction an author takes and a stand alone requires less of a time commitment. Excited to hear you are going to do a sequel.

Renae Mackley said...

I agree, Andrea, that it can really vary. Thanks for your comment and participation in my contest.