Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week of Book Love CONTEST - Day 2

Monkey in Tree, taken in Belize
It's Day 2 of the CONTEST celebrating my upcoming debut book, Secrets of the King's Daughter.
Here's a snippet from the book about how Princess Karlinah is not so easily convinced by the words of missionary Ammon:
"Abish beamed at Hepka for a moment before turning toward the eyes she felt penetrating her. There stood Karlinah with arms crossed. Her head tilted to one side, and the familiar skeptical twisting of her rosebud mouth appeared. Abish’s heart sank. Her favorite member of the king’s household had not been converted."
The story takes us through Karlinah's journey of faith, romance, and adventure. When her youngest brother follows the monkeys and becomes lost in the jungle, Karlinah relies on prayer for the first time. Today's question: Have you ever been lost, and under what circumstances?
CONTEST RULES: Each day February 15-20 you will have the opportunity to learn something new about my book and enter to win a signed copy. Simply visit and "Like" my Author Facebook Page and leave a comment there or on my blog that answers the question of the day. Sharing this post is optional but appreciated. One comment per question will go into the drawing for the prize. That's a total of six opportunities to enter to win!

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